October 26, 2012

soup. music. weddings.

well, gosh what the heck have i been doing? did you think i blacked out from my self-inflicted irrational nursery stress? sorry i haven't posted in a bit. i've been busy giggling at my baby kicking, taking walks at the pace of the average 95 year old, and testing the crushed ice at various drive-through establishments in our town. pregnancy is so weird. we went to dairy queen the other night and i was forty times more excited for the cup of ice than for the blizzard. i finished both though, because i am a middle child, and middle children clean their plates, if they know what is good for them.

so let's get caught up! 
in addition to all that ice, i've also been getting back into cooking. i love to cook, but for the first six months of my pregnancy, i was unable to smell the inside of a clean pot, nevermind an ingredient. but much to my husband's delight, we're eating again! and there is more in the fridge than lemons and lemon perrier. 
my pinterest love has been well-documented, but one thing we've not discussed is how great it is for recipes. if you use pinterest for nothing else, use it for keeping your favorite recipes in one spot and discovering more! here is my eating board. you might hate it if you like meat; it's all vegetarian. but there is chocolate and booze on there, too, so surely we can find some common ground..? anyway. i made this soup the other night to celebrate the happiness that is autumn and warmth and potatoes. and it was goooood. five o's good. crusty garlicy bread makes everything better, doesn't it? and maybe by this time next week, my fingers will stop smelling like garlic. see also: pregnancy is weird.

Source: saveur.com via kristen on Pinterest

so here's what else is up. this song. i have the biggest voice crush on him.

and lastly. another wedding to share from my day-job. this is just so stylish. i freaking love it. the color palette is insane. someone with amazing taste designed this day. that bridal shrug alone is worth the price of admission. 

more on the erica rose blog

cheers to the weekend, lovahs.

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  1. 1. dave bought me a five pound bag of ice the other day (ahem, that's already gone) and you'd have thought he bought me a new wardrobe. here's to crunching away and driving the rest of the world out of their freaking minds.
    2. love ryan adams. my crush is usually focused more on his hair, but...
    3. i love an unexpected cowboy boot.
    and reading your blog.