October 18, 2012

... and she's stable.

okay. my last post was pretty cranky, and i'm sorry for the grumps.  i'm determined to continue to fight the good fight against all disney-themed nurseries. i am now focused on buying PIECES that i love, and figuring out how they all fit together at the end. rather than getting overwhelmed with too many choices and trying to build Rome in a day.

i took my search, and borderline obsessive personality disorder, over to etsy to sort through all the rubble and find the good baby bedding. and ya-alllllll: i hit the jackpot. this. this is what we needed to get back on track. 

this and the box of gourmet chocolate covered pretzels that somehow fell into my grocery cart. 

an aside: some folks are selling baby bedding that is dry-clean only. that must only be for the babies that don't spit up and poop. otherwise known as dolls.

i went through 86 pages of this madness for the cause; here are some favorites (links to shops below). 

gold pussy willow//linen with bows//gray linen//monogram bumper//robins egg crib//neutrals with black toddler bed//oatmeal and cream luxe//mustard and gray//anchors//topsy turvy and stripes//washed linen bumpers//tasteful chevron

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