June 27, 2013

get me to the beach!

summer classics

summer classics by tupelogold featuring printed tunics

and give me these things to wear. the end.

March 17, 2013

the prettiest. dress. ever.

just popping in on a working Sunday to say: this is the prettiest wedding dress i've ever seen. that's all. see ya bye. by tess pace

March 13, 2013

what i'm into these days...

m y  b a b y 
here she is, smiling and stretching out in the big bed. because sometimes you have to break all the rules. and these sleep sacks are straight from heaven, yall. warm and cozy and easy on/off. so easy, a caveman could do it. (aka, a new daddy).

s w e a t p a n t s 
i don't want to talk about the state of my "figure". there is some major tracy anderson in my near future. in the meantime, i'm pushing the boundaries of acceptable places to wear sweatpants. i am also pushing the boundaries of acceptable number of hours to be in one's robe.

s p r i n g
i'm crushing so hard on the thought of spring coming. spring means sunshine and happiness and leaving the house. and getting this baby a little vitamin d the old fashioned way (since the new fashioned way makes her kind of gaggie)

c o f f e e
i'd really like to ask maternity wards everywhere to stop discharging patients with needless crap and instead slip them a loaded starbucks card. i really don't need that mauve plastic bucket (to be used for ...?) and i really do need a latte. immediately. or we might not even make it to ellen.

m y  i P a d
can someone tell me how any nursing mother survived prior to the invention of the iPad? 

March 08, 2013

rustic chic room of the week :: 3.8

via: http://purestylehome.blogspot.com/2013/03/inspired-by-my-pals.html

March 04, 2013

back to life, back to reality ...

and back to work. just with a real pretty baby at my feet. it could be a lot worse than this.
we have a lot of fun projects in the works and i'll be blogging it all soon! notables: the master bedroom furniture is coming (finally). and the nursery! i never shared it because i went into labor and priorities shifted a bit. 

p.s. how major-maj is this office?! so calming. i need that in my work space.

February 24, 2013

baby tupelo is here

please pardon my absence! our baby girl arrived at the end of january and we've just been so busy trying to get our hearts back into our chest cavities. but i have a sneaking suspicion that we'll be wearing them on the outside, going forward. 

January 24, 2013

real talk for a second

i'm hugely pregnant and basically incapable of normal brain function right now. but can we just have real talk about Randy's eyebrows? i caught them on an episode of say yes to the dress and was amazed and nauseous in the same beat. because ... what on earth? what level of grooming are we talking about here? it's got to be pretty much constant, no? randy. boyfriend. you win.

January 17, 2013

room to outfit :: come on, summer

you guys, i like winter for about three days. and then i'm just kind of ready for summer to be here again. for maxi dresses and swimming in the ocean and crazy hair and iced coffee. it's a non-negotiable in our marriage that we'll have a beach house someday. and not a nice one; that's not the point. one that we fix up over years and years that always smells a little bit like seaweed, and creamcicles, and total relaxation. 

i love the comfy, eclectic vibe of this beachy space and it got me dreaming up the outfit version. which is slightly more affordable at this stage...

Source: 79ideas.org via kristen on Pinterest

come on summer

January 14, 2013

today's project: nursery shelving

because these cutie pie stuffed animals aren't just going to display themselves... 

here's our inspiration; can't wait to give my husband such a fun after-work job. muahaha. daddy nesting, it's a real phenomenon. i'm too huge to really *do* anything, so i just make the unsolicited running commentary. and the nachos.

Source: ontobaby.com via Sophie on Pinterest