March 13, 2013

what i'm into these days...

m y  b a b y 
here she is, smiling and stretching out in the big bed. because sometimes you have to break all the rules. and these sleep sacks are straight from heaven, yall. warm and cozy and easy on/off. so easy, a caveman could do it. (aka, a new daddy).

s w e a t p a n t s 
i don't want to talk about the state of my "figure". there is some major tracy anderson in my near future. in the meantime, i'm pushing the boundaries of acceptable places to wear sweatpants. i am also pushing the boundaries of acceptable number of hours to be in one's robe.

s p r i n g
i'm crushing so hard on the thought of spring coming. spring means sunshine and happiness and leaving the house. and getting this baby a little vitamin d the old fashioned way (since the new fashioned way makes her kind of gaggie)

c o f f e e
i'd really like to ask maternity wards everywhere to stop discharging patients with needless crap and instead slip them a loaded starbucks card. i really don't need that mauve plastic bucket (to be used for ...?) and i really do need a latte. immediately. or we might not even make it to ellen.

m y  i P a d
can someone tell me how any nursing mother survived prior to the invention of the iPad? 

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  1. ah, i love this post.
    the end.

    fact: if ever i'm pinning, i'm nursing.