January 02, 2013

fresh beginnings

ahhh, january 2. this day can feel like a drag, right? back to reality after the warmth and joy and celebration of the holidays. but maybe we could make a little effort to not leave those things behind, and instead bring them with us into the new year. let's start with a clean, light, airy space to work, like this one. let's do the same kind of clean-up on our insides, too. and i don't mean juice cleanses and super-marathon goals or something. unless that's your thang, in which case, let it rip. i mean carving out a little space to dwell on real visions for the coming year. i don't know about you, but i love this time of refocusing and reshaping and reimagining. i don't think resolutions have have to be stressful and trappy and unattainable. in fact, they can be kind of freeing... a list of intentions to guide you in the coming months. let's be gentle on ourselves and take good care of one another, and nurture in our physical spaces, as well as our relationships, with the kind of love and light we would like to see all around. this feels like a good alternative to feeling negative and hopeless and complainy, and like one more word about the fiscal cliff may send one jumping off a cliff of the non-fiscal kind.
cheers to you all; here is to putting our best selves humbly forward in the coming year.

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