January 04, 2013

a favorite find :: next issue

so B and I stumbled upon this app recently and i just have to share it with you guys. i love a good magazine flipping session, especially if there are lattes and pedicures involved, but i don't subscribe to very many. and newsstand prices are stupid, especially if you want to read 40 monthly magazines.

but then... we found out about next issue

have you heard of this? it's an app, and you subscribe for 10 or 15 bucks a month (the 15 gets you a few more mags) and bam! you get all these magazines on your iPad. we have been looooving it. you have access to back issues, too, so it's really page turning goodness for days. i'm crushing big time on Coastal Living, which I had kind of forgot existed. 

Source: google.com via Kristen on Pinterest

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  1. i wish you were doing some coastal living (sc style)