December 07, 2012

and the red guys make three

with just 8 short weeks remaining in my pregnancy, i decided to go a little crazy and add a third pair of pants to my wardrobe. that's right, my friends, i have been rotating just two pairs of pants for the past, ehh, let's call it four months. i just didn't buy much maternity stuff ... and pants are especially hard because i'm nearly six feet tall ... 

i guess i shouldn't blog about fashion, having admitted that little stat about the two pants, right? but i like to think of these conversations as more of shared discovery, less of a tutorial or instructions of any kind!

anyway. i added a third pair to my pack and they are bright tabasco orangey-red. how fun is that? so let's look at some ways we can style 'em up, in case you too, should find yourself heading to a pants party this holiday season.

o n e ::   j u s t   a d d   s t r i p e s  {o b v i }

t w o ::   s o f t e n   w i t h   c l a s s i c   c a m e l 

t h r e e ::   c h a m b r a y   i s   a l w a y s  a   g o o  d   d e c i s i o n

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