November 15, 2012

catching up...

i'm sorry if anyone thought i perished in Sandy. in hindsight, it was a little misleading of me to take a trip (and blog break) right after posting about the super storm. truth is, we survived it just fine, with the gas shortages being the only minor problem we encountered. and we found out about the gas shortages while eating a pizza on a roadtrip back to boston, so all things considered, it was the best time to unearth a problem. had we run out of gas on the way to the pizza, now that may have broken me. lunch for a preggie is right up there with oxygen.

on a serious note, i hope everyone in new york and new jersey that was hit so hard by this devastation is getting back on their feet. what a scary situation. i hope we all do what we can to help... be it thoughts, prayers, money or time.

so let's get caught up on all that has been delighting my eyes these past few weeks.

firstly, this. knee-buckling swoonage. rustic but modern. bright but cozy. and the scale is impeccable. yes, i will move right in. via pink wallpaper

and then there's this: happily grey. i found it recently and i love it. like all fashion blogs, some of her looks are definitely out of my comfort zone, but i think for the most part, she wears real-life pieces in well-curated ways. here is some inspiration from nashville's finest:

see? wearable fo sho.

hope everyone is doing great. let's talk again tomorrow. there's some holiday goodness coming your way... like tablescapes and gift guides for a working girl's budget. this time of year is so damn festive, i can't even take it.

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