October 05, 2012

a tiny announcement

do you see what kind of jeans those are? those are maternity jeans. our tiny announcement is *actually* a really big announcement about a tiny thing: 

there is a baby tupelo cooking.

so get ready for a few more maternity fashion and nursery decor posts. starting with this one. i'm closing in on my third trimester and have just started to show.  i'm doing what i can to survive the slightly horrifying world of maternity clothes. (but seriously - have you seen some of this crap?). my solution has been to avoid pants at all costs. but sometimes i leave the house. you know, to go get decaf coffee (snore) or more mexican food for this bebe (my only real craving). for both budget and sanity purposes, i'm trying to keep as many of my old staples in the rotation, like blazers, accessories, and tops with a little give, and only really add in a couple maternity pieces that I can't get by without. for me, it's black skinny pants, dark jeggings, and a few dresses. i'm still in the market for a good tunic-y piece, and i haven't quite figured out what i want to do for outerwear. i HAVE figured out that people think you are rocking a really big food baby when you can't zip your old jacket and walk around with it  busting at the seams. i am considering a wrap coat, non-maternity, that can just be cinched a little tighter once this little nugget is on the outside. 

here is the preggo style i'm trying on for size: classics with a good balance of polished and rugged.

baby tupelo brewing

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