September 26, 2012

pimp my master

we have really neglected our master bedroom for far too long. it's the most  b l a h  room in our home right now, and we have reached our breaking point. by that i mean, i reached my breaking point with the grossness, and B reached his breaking point of me complaining about it. so we get to do a little spruce up! on a shoestring budget of course. 

i took to my pinterest bedroom board to get a sense of what i gravitate toward in bedrooms. here are some of my favorites. the common elements? 

1. a really restful palette. i'm not a bright and bold bedroom girl.
2. SYMMETRY. we've beaten this horse before. symmetry is my design xanax and and it's never more important than in the master. plus i feel like matching lamps is a cute little nod to partnership. the discord can stay in the guest room.
3. a light upholstered bed or headboard. 
4. darker furniture to anchor all the dreamy lightness of the space.
5. mirrors to open up the space and some pretty conservatively-sized artwork.

i'm off to begin the hunt. stay tuned for progress on this episode of pimp my master.

(who remembers "pimp my ride"? and to think, television has sunken FURTHER than that). i'm looking at you, honey boo boo.

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