June 22, 2012

real talk: bb cream

so. have you been following all the buzz around BB cream? i just started hearing about it recently, did a little research, found out this miracle product was invented in Germany in the 50s and has been a staple for Asian women for evah-evah. so what the freak was America waiting for!? good question. 

basically it's considered miracle skin cream because it does all of these things: 
1. spf's your shit up
2. primes/moisturizes
3. evens you out, even in that danger zone next to the bottom of your nose
4. brightens/diminishes imperfections
5. do you actually need me to keep listing things?

little known secret: for the Asian market, BBs also provided some skin whitening because apparently they all have a Michael Jackson complex. the whitening has been removed by the companies bringing this miracle to the western world. 

i bought the garnier one at target for 11 dollars, because i am not someone who easily believes these kind of promises. but girlfriends. let me tell you. it's a game changer! totally revolutionizing my life. i throw this on, cover my dark circles, dust on some bronzer and boom. out the do'.

here is where some beauty experts reviewed them, if you want to trust strangers (them) more than your friend (me).

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