June 29, 2012

a homey spot for your homie

normally, i'm anti twin beds because i'm too long and i feel like buddy the elf in them.
but i could handle this one fo sho. this is a tiny space, yall. but it feels airy and refreshing because it's decorated well. see how simple that is to talk about and how hard it is to achieve?
let's break it down. what contributes to the airy?
1. making the most of the natural light through breezy window treatments and a light reflecting mirror and a crystal lamp that you can see through. (lucite maybe, but same thing).
2. scale of the furniture. impossible to go wide here, so the designer climbed the walls. the size of the bed, headboard, nightstand all feel grounded but not heavy.
3. color, lest we forget. white. bright. airy. clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose.

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