May 25, 2012

love drunk

hooray! it's memorial day weekend, the beginning of summer. and what is better than summer? nothing.

it's the margaritas. and swimming in the ocean. going to nantucket. iced coffee. baseball on the radio. tans. strapless everything. mismatched bikinis. bright pedicures. eating ice cream and blueberries for dinner. endless daylight. pizza on the grill. unapologetic deranged mermaid hair. dining al fresco. why are so many of these about food? porch sitting. windows down driving and yell-singing Fortunate Son. the sunscreen that smells like a creamsicle. how the h do you spell creamsicle? dancing at weddings of people i love. (dancing at weddings of anyone really.) one hundred gold bangles. swimming during a hot downpour. the inevitable night moves performance with my little sister. outdoor concerts. outdoor everything. white jeans and tunics. farmers' market bouquets and green peppers and sugar snap peas. sunglasses that would make jackie proud. hammocks. boat rides. 

i am celebrating by having chips and salsa and cervezas mas finas in a maxi dress until further notice. you can find me on the patio, love-drunk and giddy about my favorite season.


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