April 08, 2012

reimagining the look of Easter

you guys. don't get me wrong; i am all about easter in the eternal life kind of way. and i'm also very happy to celebrate the end of lent. this year, i gave up shopping, so you best believe i was adding bobbi brown products to my shopping cart by the time i got back to my seat after communion. namely the cleansing oil i mentioned (have you bought it yet? is everyone at work mistaking you for the fresh young intern?) 
anyway. i don't get where the bunny part came in. and the candy and the vomming pastel everywhere. i love the idea of renewal and redemption and new life and a fresh start. and brunch food. so can we reinvent the decor and tablescapes? and maybe resolve to throw away anything in the plastic egg family? or with a cotton ball glued onto it? 
i've been playing around with the champagne ratio in the mimosa this morning, so i'm going to just my pinterest do the talking. 

Source: google.com via Katy on Pinterest

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