February 12, 2012

worn down and trampled upon

no, i'm not talking about my beloved Patriots. i'm talking about antique rugs in the kitchen. it's what i'm working on today: finding one. 
you see, we live in a rental ("come on, louise, grab your rental.") and while it has a lot of nice qualities, it also has a nasty-pants kitchen.  there's a lot that i can't change about it (paint, cabinets, flooring), so i change what i can and remind myself it's temporary. we hang fun art and change out the accessories often and just try to make it work. 
well enter my latest obsession: antique rugs in the kitchen. quite frankly, it has to happen. what better way to make a rental feel homey? feast your eyes.

the fourth one down is my favorite. but Jamie Meares (Queen of Furbish) is the first one. Check out her whole house tour here. She's rad.

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