February 13, 2012

grammys :: red carpet and whitney

firstly: the tribute. I cried watching this live (and, fine, again this morning). this was show-stopping, and took a heck of a lot of guts. 24-hour notice to perform this? less? it was somber and beautiful; it snuck into that secret place in me that only raw singing can get to. 

fashion-wise, this night was kind of a hot mess, no? how come everyone is trying to be so weird with their look? i like it better when the men are dapper and the women are glamorous and elegant. when did that go away? can it come back? 
kelly rowland was my favorite, and i would have liked it even better with a sleek 'do. but regardless, she was the best of the evening for me. someone has not been skipping her tricep dips...

closing thought to whomever makes these decisions: less Chris Brown. that shit ain't right.

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