December 06, 2011

some things we need to catch up on.

1. i am obsessed with learning how to do this. oh yes. i'm going to learn. then i'm going to fishtail all up in yo face. {p.s. is this girl's hair down to her ankles when not fishy?}

2. i have been thinking about this loo all day. do you know how embarrassing it is to admit you think about bathrooms all day? but the art, people. and the texture. and the lavender. and the light. and when you don't have a mirror in the bathroom, you can't even see your pores. {get it? or is that the wine joking?}

3. I have a heart-warming Christmas story to share. Once a girl (me) was making a gift guide for her blog friends (you) and she put these boots on it. Then, under a starry Christmas sky, she found them at her local TJ Maxx for a fraction of the price. And all was merry and bright. 

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