November 13, 2011

dear tupelo :: dorm decor

today's dear tupelo letter comes from jenna. miss jenna is a PYT who might even be too young to know what a PYT is. she lives with my baby sister, at college, where they just go around nursing it up by day, breaking hearts by night.  jenna is sick of staring at the bare, institutional walls of her dorm room. no fear, j! 

given that we are working with a college budget and without the option of paint, let's look at a few different directions ...

o p t i o n   o n e   ::   c o l l a g e   w a l l 

this first one is an actual dorm room. check out the rest here. prepare to freak your freak.

o p t i o n   t w o  ::   m a p s   a s   d e c o r


o p t i o n   t h r e e  ::   n o n  -  t r a d i t i o n a l

get a big bulletin board and paint it or cover it with fabric. and then tack up all your inspiration. 

think about climbing the walls with a floating shelf. or a sapian bookcase.

a sunburst mirror makes a big impact

upcycle: bag art!

last but not least: make a garland

hope this helps, little sugar. be sure and take some before & after shots for us!

love, tupelo

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