October 24, 2011

miss me?

i've been a little absent. there have been some things going on.
1. i got a second job working for the best wedding blog everrr and i love it
2. my dad had a heart surgery and my super-hero husband found a way to bring me to boston so i could see he was OK with my own eyes. 
3. i remembered why fall in Massachusetts is the best place on earth. 
4. i went to tj maxx (where all sadness and anxiety is magically lifted) and got a warm coat for football watching (my other, other job)
5. speaking of football, we got another win and I am trying not to talk about the R*se B*wl but I can't help it!
6. i had about six black bean tacos. these are so good, I could cry. 
7. i was invited to a dance party in my nephew's room, where he requested some of my shoulder moves, to the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse soundtrack. this confirms my dancing is appreciated by men of all ages.

tomorrow, we are back to meaningless design talk and eye candy. pinkie swear.

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