September 12, 2011

paint it black

The black wall trend has been around for a while now, but I've yet to tire of it. However, the really dramatic ones don't work for me ... they can be stunning and beautiful, but they don't feel like real life. At least not my real life. If my family walked into a high-drama black room in my house, they would absolutely think I was returning to my 7th grade grunge phase (complete with lots of Pearl Jam, Nirvana, and flannel). I can say with confidence: those days are behind us. Except for maybe Yellow Ledbetter Live.
I think the secret to doing the black wall is to warm up the space so it feels more dark-earthy than Breaking Dawn. As chronicled in the rustic chic rooms, some tried and true ways to warm up a space are wood/natural fibers, and greenery. In other words, bring a little outdoors in for the perfect juxtaposition to the sleek black. 
via: Lonny, Domino, Erin Ever After, Made by Girl, and Apartment 34