September 08, 2011

loves, lately

i wanted to share some items of extreme national importance so that you may delight in them as well. 

Easily the best thing on the internet since that guy that made fun of kids' artwork. I need to be friends with whomever is behind this. And here is why:

Don’t worry about me. I make her carry me. These shoes cost more than her car.

I need another Bravo addiction like I need a hole in the head. but this crew is irresistible. That Courtney is a hot mess but her wardrobe is smokin'. The sister-friend part of my brain wants to love her up and tell her that it's time to let the Matt dream go. But so far, the Bravo producers have not contacted me about my guest appearance episode, in which i break that to her gently while trying on her shoes.

{three} essie "lady like" nail polish. This color is the love child of mauve and nude. it is perfect for those of us who are pretending it's not fall. 

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  1. i seriously love suris burn book. everytime i'm laughing at it i think about how eternally grateful i am that you found it. i'm grateful for other things from you too, but mainly sbb. and lol abt bravo.