September 22, 2011

holla-days :: halloween

so this year, i really want to go ape sh*t for the holidays.
i decided this when i read an interview with heidi klum, who's known for throwing a huge party for halloween each year, and donning an o u t r a g e o u s costume. she said something along the lines of you have to intentionally make memories, or else the days just run together, uneventfully. for a silly little interview about dressing up as an alien transformer, i thought there was something profound nestled in there. 

so, who's with me? i mean, let's do this thing.  let's be total maniacs for the holidays. but anything worth doing is worth doing tastefully (isn't that how the phrase goes?). we wouldn't want to abandon all style and just vom black and orange everywhere ... especially when a white halloween is so fresh and so clean clean. and *bonus round* you can ride that white pumpkin right into thanksgiving. *double bonus round* white pumpkin and dried hydrangea centerpieces for a fall wedding? could be amazing. check it:

this is not white, nor a pumpkin, but I basically want to eat both of these piggies:


1 comment:

  1. oh HEAVENS. my kid HAS to wear that pig costume. it's only fitting.
    i'm down w/ some holiday decor. and christmas music oct 1, per the usual. people get so grumpy about that but whatever.