September 06, 2011

hadley & some nookage

so. i'm going to demand politely request that everyone read this book so that we can then talk about it. but i want to prepare you for what will happen when you read it.
1. you will obsessively google pictures of a young ernest hemingway (saving you the troubs ... left)
2. you will add Hadley to your future baby name list, only to later be turned off by its sky-rocketing popularity
3. you will make fun of me for having a future baby name list
3. you will cry really hard at the end. both because it's the end, and because it's beautiful and sad and true.

thank you E for sending this to me. i loved it very much.

now don't think I'd give you a book recommendation without a little cozy town to read it in.



  1. give me that knit ottoman. right. this. second.

  2. anyone who doesnt have a future baby name list will also have a kid with a sub-par name. these things take planning, people.