September 19, 2011

emmys :: red carpet :: best dressed


okay just kidding. but i do love manny (and boyfriend is feeling the glasses trend). "I noticed some lovely tweens down by the kids' club; maybe we can find a nice spot near them by the pool and send over a couple of virgin Mai Tais."
onto the real winners. second place: deb from dexter. can't go wrong with a perfect fit and shimmer that is just subtle enough. A+ make-up, great cans, and she nailed the down-and-wavy hair. only deduction is for ombre hair. i am not on the ombre train. i need it to go away yesterday. you could have been a contender, deb. 

first place: tami taylor. red was a hugely popular color last night. this one stood out to me because the look is so finished: the bracelets, the nails, the shoes. that shade of red is just right for her coloring. and go'head with that slit on your 44-year-old self. mrs. taylor is an important tv figure to me ... a football wife! i'm delighted to see her knock it out of the park. and p.s. she is from boston. as if that needed to be said.
p.p.s. I cried when the writer said "clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose" in his acceptance speech. does that make me a loser?

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  1. tami is so hot. and i agree-HATE ombre. vom. (both winners with middle hair parts. i need to commit.)