July 20, 2011

farmhouse table love fest

i love a good farmhouse table. it really anchors a space and you can take it in so many directions, style-wise. plus it actually gets better the more beat up and well.. old, it gets. that's why an aged-but-good-bones farmhouse table will always be a yes to me. and when you find one on craigslist ... and it's got a good pedigree ... that the seller must not know about ... you make arrangements to buy it asap, call B the One Man Mover, and freak dance a little in your office.

We are going to strip it down, I think, and get all raw and earthy with it. Pictures to follow, but we'll start with a little inspiration:

1 comment:

  1. oooh can't wait to see the table progress. i think when i have my own house i want it to be white with a cute robins egg blue buffet like that one in the next to last picture.